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Baktar, which is a family company, acts with the awareness of its own responsibility to ensure that every individual in the world consumes safe food by combining traditional products with modern technology with its experienced staff. Baktar, which is the owner of 80-90% of the world dried apricot market and almost monopolizes the dried apricot production in the world, increases its capacity and develops its sales network day by day with its exports to almost every continent and 30 different countries from our country.

Baktar, located in Malatya and established on an area of 12000 m2; It works with a production, operation, packaging and sales of 4000 tons of Dried Apricots and 2500 tons of Fresh Apricots per year with its 4000 m2 operating area, 1000 m2 cold storages and 100 hectares of production areas. Our company, which works as the sector leader in Malatya fresh apricots, brings together the consumers in the most exclusive retail chains of Europe with its premium quality packaged products between 200-500 gr.

In addition to the fresh and dried apricots produced by our company; It also operates in products such as figs, hazelnuts, raisins and dried mulberries.


In our world where reliable food is more important with each passing day, it acts openly to all kinds of innovation and cooperation in order to carry our brand to higher levels day by day, without sacrificing quality and healthy products, by ensuring that every individual our products reach consumes reliable food.


To produce our taste, which has been carried from past to present from our country, which alone meets %85-90 of the world's apricot production, by combining natural methods with technology, without disturbing traditional production methods; is to promote our quality, product and brand day by day on national and international platforms.